Pristine Fleet is a collaboration of talent from many sides of the aviation industry. Each member brings specific skills and talent from their perspective industry, and all are united with the same goal - to provide the safest, most environmentally responsible and user friendly airline appearance services organization available.


Our commitment to the environment is evident in many aspects of our business. From our conversion from wet wash to dry wash operations in 2005 to our hybrid and alternative fueled vehicles. Our cutting-edge I.T. department has developed paperless tracking of wash documentation, training materials and billing. We practice what we preach, and will help you reduce your carbon footprint while we do the same for ours.


Safety is another area where we are different. In twelve years of operations, we have yet to damage an aircraft, have a job related injury or have an insurance claim. That record is testament to our safety standards and training practices, and the way we minimize our exposure to risk whenever possible. Protecting your assets is in both our best interests.


Our clients recognize that we are different, and we have never lost a contract due to performance. Our team has written the wash program for nine airlines and has been responsible for the appearance programs for over 950 aircraft or 20% of the U.S. domestic mainline fleet, and we are growing every year. While we do not have any desire to be the biggest organization in our sector, we will work hard to continue to be the best.


phone: 260.580.0101
serving: LAX - SAN