Exterior Aircraft Cleaning

Pristine Fleet brings innovative solutions to an otherwise stagnant industry. With our modern approach to cleaning, and convenient stations in San Diego International Airport (SAN) and Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), we are ready to serve your airline's needs.

Aircraft Dry Wash and Corrosion Control


Our crews are highly trained and can operate successfully around maintenance, even at the gate during an RON. This means no extra scheduling or additional downtime for your fleet.

Protecting Your Paint

We only use the best products available. Our primary dry wash product has compounds that leave a UV protection polish that protects and extends paint life. Maintaining the correct wash program is proven to prevent corrosion.

Fuel Savings

The polish that dry washing leaves on your aircraft reduces drag and increases efficiency, ultimately saving you fuel. That's a win for you and the environment.

The Pristine Fleet Difference

Programs Tailored to Your Airline's Needs

Maintaining a uniform appearance for large fleets of aircraft can be a challenge. We have experience designing programs to meet a wide variety of needs and budgets. Where the benefits of dry-wash apply to most aircraft, certain low-gloss aircraft coatings require a water-wash program to assure surfaces are clean and free of contaminants. Pristine Fleet can comply with established cleaning procedures to meet our client’s specific needs.

Investing in People and Tools

We firmly believe that investing in our team is what sets us apart from our competition. With our exceptionally low turn-over, our crews are some of the most experienced in the industry. This means that every service that Pristine Fleet provides is performed efficiently and safely.

Technology Solutions

Our proprietary software — Fleet Appearance Solutions Tracking, or FAST — tracks every wash event giving real-time information on the state of your fleet so we can make the most of your wash program.

Total Transparency

FAST gives you access to the details of every wash we complete, including before and after images of every zone of your aircraft. You've got plenty on your plate, let us handle your wash program and you can easily check-in whenever. It’s hard to beat that level of transparency.

Current Station Locations

Pristine Fleet currently operates out of Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX) and San Diego International Airport (KSAN).

We are always open to developing new stations to meet your needs. Please get in touch with us if you are operating outside of our current stations.

Let's Talk!

We can't wait to show you how we can change the way your fleet is maintained, and the savings associated with our programs. Please reach out however is most convenient. We look forward to hearing from you.




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